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Create Compute Engine Instances on Google Cloud Platform

In this tutorial we will understand how to create google cloud compute engine instance using gcloud command line and web gui interface.

I am assuming you are singed in with valid credentials and enabled billing!

  • Find the Compute Engine option and select VM instances.

  • Fill out the appropriate details like NAME, REGION, play with MACHINE TYPE and BOOT DISK also monitor the pricing at right hand side, its a best way to calculate the approx. pricing for that compute engine machine.

  • Change firewall setting and allow HTTP and HTTPS traffic and click on create button

  • You will see the green check once VM booted successfully, now click on VM name to see its IP and other metadata information.

  • Click on SSH button to access VM console

Now, let's create VM instances using command line. 

  • Enable Cloud Shell from top right corner and on window pop up click on start cloud shell.

  • Lets checkout the list of available zones in Asia, for us you can type following command.

gcloud compute zones list | grep us-central1

  • Run the following command to create VM.

gcloud compute instances create "my-gcloud-cmd-vm" \
--machine-type "n1-standard-1" \
--image-project "debian-cloud" \
--image "debian-9-stretch-v20171018" \
--subnet "default" \
--zone "asia-south1-a"