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Accessing phpmyadmin and MySQL on Google Cloud using SSH putty

In the previous tutorial Part 1 we have learnt how to install LAMP (PHP, MySQL, phpmyadmin etc.) using google cloud launcher.
Now, Let's understand how to access phpmyadmin using putty SSH.

First download puttygen (We need this to generate keys for google cloud compute engine)

Download PuttyGen.exe

Click on generate button, remember to move your cursor left and right till the green loading is completed.

Once loading is finish you will see the key, now change the key comment : to bitnami (I am using bitnami user on google cloud VM) then save private key somewhere we need to refer this key in putty

Now copy public key (above image first red box) from PuTTY Key generator box, and go to Google cloud console > Compute Engine > VM Instances and click Edit

Paste ssh public key in SSH Keys option.

Open Putty on your local machine and enter Hotname IP, session name and click on save.

On putty go to Connection > Data, enter Auto-login username bitnami

On putty go to SSH > Auth, select private key that we previously saved.

On putty go to SSH > Tunnels and add source port 8888 and Destination localhost:80 and click on Add

Then go back to session window, save it again and click on open

Click yes for the first time user login

Now you will see the welcome window and copy the password from console
that is the password to login into phpmyadmin web console.

Now, open browser and type http://localhost:8888/phpmyadmin

Username : root
Password : (see the above screen)

Once you successfully login into phpmyadmin you will see the home page.